Universals of Language - Revised 2nd Edition by Joseph H. Greenberg

By Joseph H. Greenberg

In 1961, the 1st overseas convention on Universals in Language convened to contemplate the opportunity of growing "something of the order of cross-cultural records for a wide pattern of languages."In the initial memorandum of this old assembly, it was once proposed that "midst endless range, all languages are, because it have been, reduce from a similar pattern." 8 of the papers offered during this quantity examine, talk about, and learn particular proposals relating to language universals; 3 ultimate papers supply summaries from the viewpoints of linguistics, cultural anthropology, and psychology; an appendix presents forty five real language universals in line with a examine of 30 languages together with jap, Hebrew, Basque, Swahili, and Maya.This ebook is an all-important results of a convention at which, as psychologist Charles Osgood said, "we were witness to a cold revolution. Quietly and with no polemics we've seen linguistics taking an enormous step from being simply a mode for describing language to being a fullfledged technology of language."Roman Jakobson, famous linquist, wrote: "it may perhaps prove that what's common in language features even more powerfully, and in a extra primary approach, to form men's concepts than what's different..."

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A number of different arrangements are possible, for example: Bengali pqck ! Nuer p Fiji ml}nilu tk t c k ~ French m n lJ p t k mnil ~8 mnU V. When in a given language there is extensive neutralization among the PNC's, this occurs in prejunctural and/or precon­ sonantal positions. (Examples include Spanish, Classical Greek; Trubetzkoy cites a number of others. 2. Secondary nasal consonants (SNC) Definition: An SNC is a nasal consonant phoneme the most characteristic allophone of which is not a simple voiced nasal.

In languages of this kind, apart from accidental gaps in distri­ bution, there is only one system of vowels appearing in both stressed and unstressed syllables. (2) Languages, like English and Russian, in which stress has the effect of lengthening a vowel and enhancing its characteristic coloration. , English IV). (3) Languages, like certain Tajik dialects 2 and certain varieties of Syrian Arabic, in which stress has a leveling effect on vowels. In such languages the stressed vowels are not greatly lengthened and are less clear than the unstressed vowels.

80-81. Even in the absence of further evidence Hockett's analysis seems less convincing than a more traditional one of Inl and Irl as separate phonemes; other treatments or Winnebago recognize Iml, In/. and Ir/. with either an additional In 2/ or certain morphophonemic interchange between Inl and frio 9. Cf. Ladefoged, A Phonetic Study of West African Languages, 23-24 (Cambridge, 1964). 10. cr. Trubetzkoy, op. , 193. 11. Cf. Westermann and Ward, Practical Phonetics, 65 (London, 1957). 12. Cf.

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