New Light on Dark Stars: Red Dwarfs, Low-Mass Stars, Brown by Dr I. Neill Reid, Dr Suzanne L. Hawley (auth.)

By Dr I. Neill Reid, Dr Suzanne L. Hawley (auth.)

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12 illustrates the main properties of a diffraction grating. If we consider a parallel beam incident on a series of apertures, constructive interference between the individual diffraction patterns at each wavelength leads to a series of intensity maxima (orders) in the re-imaged beam. 38) gives the angle of diffraction, 0, for order rn. In most spectrographs, the angle between the optical axes of the collimator and camera, 8cc , is fixed. 0 is measured in the same sense as i, so from Figure I. 25JJm 2nd order ....

The general principles of spectrographic design are outlined by Bowen ([B6], and see also [11]). 11 shows the schematic design of a typical optical spectrograph, consisting of a slit, placed in the focal plane of the telescope, collimator, diffraction grating, camera and detector. The spectrograph slit isolates the light from a particular astronomical target and minimises the contribution from the sky background. 11). The collimating lens has the same focal ratio as the telescope. Placing that lens at the appropriate place behind the slit transforms the diverging beam into 26 Astronomical concepts [Ch.

Very few large refracting telescopes have been constructed since the end of the nineteenth century. Until recently, most telescopes were mounted equatorially: that is, a rotation axis is aligned with the Earth's polar axis, so motion due to diurnal rotation can be eliminated by tracking in only one co-ordinate (RA). However, it is simpler mechanically to construct an altazimuth telescope, in which the rotational axis is aligned with the local gravitational field. Advances in computer technology now permit accurate tracking in two co-ordinates, taking full account of effects such as telescope flexure and refraction, and most telescopes built in the last 10 years have altazimuth mounts.

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