Diagnostic Imaging Genitourinary by Tublin et al.

By Tublin et al.

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Int J Urol. 18(9):638-43, 2011 Moyle PL et al: Nonovarian cystic lesions of the pelvis. Radiographics. 30(4):921-38, 2010 Tam KF et al: Natural history of pelvic lymphocysts as observed by ultrasonography after bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. , von Hippel-Lindau) and benign (Left) Axial CECT reveals a large, heterogeneously enhancing mass ﬈ in the left aspect of the retroperitoneum at the level of the origin of the inferior mesenteric artery ſt. Note that the mass abuts and mildly displaces adjacent viscera, but does not arise from them.

The hepatic veins drain directly into the right atrium. (Left) Axial CECT more superiorly in the same shows absence of the intrahepatic portion of the IVC. Instead, blood flow from the lower body returns to the heart via the enlarged azygous vein ſt, which eventually drains into the SVC. The hepatic veins (not shown on current image) drain directly into the right atrium. (Right) Axial CECT shows complete absence of the IVC and numerous paraspinal collaterals ſt. (Left) Post-contrast axial T1 C+ FS MR with fat suppression shows that the anterior component ﬈ of a circumaortic left renal vein is located cephalad to the posterior component.

The duplicated IVC originates as the left iliac vein caudally and empties into the left renal vein. The boxes labeled "A" through "D" refer to the respective levels of the axial sections. (Right) Graphic shows a circumaortic left renal vein with a smaller ventral vein ſt crossing cephalad to the dorsal vein st. (Left) Post-contrast axial T1 C+ FS MR with fat suppression shows a normal IVC ſt and an additional cylindrical structure to the left of the aorta, consistent with a duplicated IVC ﬈. (Right) AP view during retrograde pyelography shows medial deviation of the right ureter due to its retrocaval course; note mild ureteral dilatation ﬈ upstream from it coursing posterior ﬊ to the IVC.

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