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View Names of all views in the database (with no Object Name). Columns, data types, and view source for the view given as Object Name. Local InterBase Server User’s Guide CHAPTER 5 Using ISQL Script Files 5 This chapter describes how to run an ISQL script file from Windows ISQL, and provides details on ISQL commands that can be used in scripts, but not interactively. Creating and Executing SQL Files The basic steps for using script files with Windows ISQL are: • Create the file using a text editor.

Using ROLLBACK Use ROLLBACK to restore the database to its condition prior to the start of the transaction. ROLLBACK also closes the record streams associated with the transaction, resets the transaction name to zero, and frees system resources assigned to the transaction for other uses. The syntax for ROLLBACK is: ROLLBACK; 34 Local InterBase Server User’s Guide PART 2 Windows ISQL 2 Part 2 explains Windows ISQL, InterBase’s interactive SQL tool. Chapter 4: “Using Windows ISQL” describes how to use Windows ISQL.

This will close the connection to the current database (if any) and exit Windows ISQL. Any uncommitted changes to the database will be rolled back. Temporary Files Windows ISQL creates temporary files used during a session to store information such as the command history, output file names, and so on. xx, where xx is a pair of sequential generated letters. The files are stored in the directory specified by the TMP environment variable, or if that is not defined, the working directory, or if that is not defined, then the WINDOWS directory.

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