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Data Dictionary When you use the BDE, the Data Dictionary provides a customizable storage area, independent of your applications, where you can create extended field attribute sets that describe the content and appearance of data. The Data Dictionary can reside on a remote server to share additional information. For more information... ” Custom components The components that come with Delphi are preinstalled on the Component palette and offer a range of functionality that should be sufficient for most of your development needs.

Translation Repository, a shared database to store translations. To open the Resource DLL wizard, choose File|New|Other and double-click the Resource DLL Wizard icon. To configure the translation tools, choose Tools| Translation Tools Options. For more information... See “international applications” in the online Help index. Types of projects All editions of Delphi support general-purpose 32-bit Windows programming, DLLs, packages, custom components, multithreading, COM (Component Object Model) and automation controllers, and multiprocess debugging.

You can reposition the buttons simply by dragging them to the right or left of each other. 5 Choose File|Save All to save your changes. 6 Press F9 to compile and run the project. Tip You can also run the project by clicking the Run button on the Debug toolbar or choosing Run|Run. When you run your project, Delphi opens the program in a runtime window like the one you designed. The menus and toolbar buttons work although some of the commands are grayed out. Your text editor already has lots of functionality.

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