Deathlands 25 Genesis Echo by James Axler

By James Axler

Discovering themselves reluctant visitors at a reactivated Maine clinical institute, Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists turn into the sufferers of unethical clinical study that threatens Krysty Wroth's specific powers.

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Gone through stiff. " The Armorer whistled, trying to breathe through his mouth. "Look at those sores around her lips. And the state of her hair. " The scream and the discovery inside the house had temporarily driven that from Ryan's mind. B. who had noticed the miniature radiation counters, dating from the predark days. He and Ryan wore one on their lapels, and they were normally colored green, meaning that the ambient levels were completely safe. Yellow meant some light radiation, orange was an indication that you were moving up the scale toward danger, and red was precisely that danger, imminent, all around, showing you were in a serious hot spot.

Once it was in Russia. Another time we reckon it was on one of those circling space stations I heard about from old books and vids. " "Makes you feel sick," Dean offered. " Trader smiled at the boy. " Sukie flushed as everyone looked at her. "I got a sister, last I heard was living in Hope Springs. " She spoke to the group in general, but addressed her question specifically to Trader. "We'll do what most of us agree," he replied. "That has always been our way. If we are to enter the devil's caldron of the mat-trans chamber, then we shall go the Lord knows where.

Doc's new woman. Sukie. " "Partly over that letter she took. " Ryan smiled, his teeth white in the ruddy glow from the dying fire. "Who knows, lover? " "Doc was upset at leaving Judas at the ranch," Krysty said. "Funny. " "Couldn't have gotten it on the wag. " "Free. Doc suggested, at the last moment, that he'd ride the mule up here. Too slow, we figured. But it can leave the spread if it wants to do that. Got enough sense. " "I know it. Just don't look for trouble when there isn't any. Fact is, being with the old man again hasn't been easy.

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