Corpus Linguistics: Readings in a Widening Discipline by Geoffrey Sampson, Diana McCarthy

By Geoffrey Sampson, Diana McCarthy

A corpus is a set of specimens of a language as utilized in actual lifestyles, in writing and/or speech. Corpus lingustics is study, conducted in collage linguistics departments and computing departments (and these days in business learn labs too), which makes use of corpora as the most important resources of facts at the constitution and homes of languages. simply because corpus linguistics has grown speedy from small beginnings, beginners to teh filed usually locate it demanding to get their bearings. very important papers might be tricky to trace down. This quantity reprints forty two corpus linguistics articles which first seemed at dates starting from 1952 to 2002, and which among them illustrate the entire major instructions within which the sunject is constructing. It contains articles which are already famous as classics, and others which should turn into so , supplemented with editorial introductions referring to the person members to teh box as it slow. >

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One major problem in the selection process was the matter of copyright permissions. Virtually all the material used except government documents is under copyright, and it was decided that permissions would be needed before the material could be used. This occasioned a large amount of correspondence, though a large majority of the authors and publishers from whom permission was requested returned our forms promptly and often with interested and even enthusiastic comments. 1 Standard corpus of present-day American English: categories sampled I.

The 'meaning' of any speech signal must consist, then, not only of the practical situation which stimulates the making of the particular speech sounds but also of the practical response which these particular speech sounds (through language) produce in another individual. One cannot predict the particular speech sounds that A will utter in any situation or whether he will utter any sounds at all, but, if language is to fulfil its function of providing the 15 CHARLES CARPENTER FRIES means of precise social co-operation, then individual A must be able to predict with considerable accuracy the practical response which particular speech sounds will elicit in individual B.

The utterance units of the second group, those that occurred after the conversation had started, I have called 'response utterance units'. Even a very superficial examination of the utterances in the two groups revealed the fact that the 'situation utterance units', those that began the conversations, showed less diversity of form than the 'response utterance units'. Typical of the 'situation utterance units' are the following: 1. I wanted to talk to you about lot number fifty (47)14 2. Mr W— asked me to ask you if you could come to a meeting in his office tomorrow at nine with Mr O— and Mr B— (145) 3.

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