Collected Papers of Claude E. Shannon by Claude Elwood Shannon, A. D. Wyner, Neil J. A. Sloane

By Claude Elwood Shannon, A. D. Wyner, Neil J. A. Sloane

This crucial e-book, the 1st released choice of papers through Claude E. Shannon, is an engaging consultant to the entire released articles from this world-renowned inventor, tinkerer, puzzle-solver, prankster, and father of knowledge concept. contains his seminal article THE MATHEMATICAL idea OF communique.

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The cJtannel is merely the medium used to transmit the signal lrom transmitter to receiver. It may be a pair of wires, a coaxial cable, a band of radio frequencies, a beam of light, etc. 4. The receiver ordinarily performs the inverse operation of that done by the transmitter, reconstructing the message from the signal. S. The destinatiolt is the person (or thing) for whom the message is intended. We wish to consider certain general problems involving communication systems. To do this it is first necessary to represent the various elements involved as mathematical entities, suitably idealized from their physical counterparts.

Included in Part A. [16] (With W. Feller) "On the Integration of the Ballistic Equations on the Aberdeen Analyzer," Applied Mathematics Panel Report No. 1, National Defense Research Committee, July 15, 1943,9 pp. Not included. [17] "Pulse Code Modulation," Memorandum MM 43-110-43, December 1,1943, Bell Laboratories. Not included. [18] "Feedback Systems with Periodic Loop Closure," Memorandum MM 44110-32, March 16, 1944, Bell Laboratories. Not included. [19] "Two New Circuits for Alternate Pulse Counting," Typescript, May 29, 1944, Bell Laboratories, 2 pp.

For each state only certain symbols from the set S. , · · · , S" can be transmitted (different subsets for the different states). When one of these has been transmitted the state changes to a new state depending both on the old state and the particular symbol transmitted. The telegraph case is a simple example of this. There are two states depending on whether or not + + + + + C. E. Shannon 10 a space was the last symbol transmitted. If so then only a dot or a dash can be sent' next and the state always changes.

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