Codeswitching Worldwide II by Rodolfo Jacobson

By Rodolfo Jacobson

This article is a suite of contributions via foreign students at the theoretical and pragmatic features of language mix research.

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However, as I have argued above, these constructs are abstractions. They only become real as the terms of hypotheses (principles). If the hypotheses are supported, there are two results. First, in an empirical sense, the terms Matrix Language and Embedded Language are useful labels for the languages against which the hypotheses have been tested. Second, more important, in a theoretical sense, the terms can be employed in the explanatory generalization that two or more varieties in bilingual CPs showing classic codeswitching have asymmetrical roles.

Types of system morphemes The three types of system morphemes can be distinguished formally: • Early system morphemes are always realized without going outside the maximal projection of the content morpheme that elects them. Thus, the French determiners le and la (respectively masculine and feminine singular) depend on their head nouns for their form. Similarly, when English the expresses definiteness, it also is an early system morpheme. • Bridge late system morphemes are similar to early system morphemes in that they depend on information within the maximal projection in which they occur.

The reason that equating the matrix language with a language is inexact in that the matrix language exists only as a morphosyntactic abstraction. In contrast, languages exist as full linguistic systems when they are realized as their dialects. As an abstract frame, the matrix language does include specifications at the three levels of grammatical structure outlined above (lexical-conceptual structure, predicate-argument structure, and morphological realization patterns). Thus, the matrix language includes slots for permissible surface-level The matrix language frame model 33 morphemes, but it is not synonymous with a fully fleshed-out linguistic variety.

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