Carrier Grade Voice Over IP by Daniel Collins

By Daniel Collins

Voice over IP bargains reasonable lengthy distance mobile companies, however the caliber is low. A consultant to "carrier caliber" voice over IP, this booklet indicates the way to use signalling schemes, caliber of carrier innovations and present protocols to carry a high quality voice over IP carrier.

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From the outset, IP was designed for data. Among the characteristics of most data traffic is that it is asynchronous, which means that it can tolerate delay. Data traffic is also extremely sensitive to packet loss, which requires mechanisms for the recipient of data packets to acknowledge receipt, such that the sender can retransmit packets if an acknowledgment is not returned in a timely manner. Delay In many ways, real-time communications (such as voice) are almost the exact opposite of data—at least, from a requirement perspective.

UDP is a simpler protocol aimed mainly at one-shot transactions, where a packet is sent and a response is received. UDP does not include sequencing and retransmission functions. Above TCP or UDP, we find a number of different applications and services. The application or service itself determines whether TCP or UDP is used. Taking the foregoing statement into account, Figure 2-4 shows how an IP packet would appear when being passed from one node in a network to another. The application data itself is passed down to the transport layer, where a TCP or UDP header is applied.

Consider, for example, a simple conversation between person A and person B. Person A has a thought that he or she wants to communicate to person B. In order to communicate that thought, person A must articulate the thought in language by using words and phrases. Those are communicated to the mouth by using nerve impulses from the brain. The mouth constructs sounds, which incorporate that language. Those sounds are transmitted through the air through vibrations. At person B’s end, the vibrations are collected and the sounds are extracted.

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