Calixarenes 50th Anniversary: Commemorative Issue by Thomas Kappe (auth.), J. Vicens, Z. Asfari, J. M.

By Thomas Kappe (auth.), J. Vicens, Z. Asfari, J. M. Harrowfield (eds.)

We are proud to have a good time the fiftieth anniversary of the calixarenes. In 1944, Zinke and Ziegler proposed a cyclotetrameric constitution for an oligomer extracted from the condensation product combination got by means of reacting p-tert-butyl phenol with formaldehyde within the presence of sodium hydroxide.
Fifty years on, calixarenes are the foundation of many alternative components of chemical learn, with improvement happening at an expanding speed during the last decade particularly. the current quantity doesn't offer an summary of most of these advancements, yet is very a party of a few of the highlights. This presentation of the difficult mosaic of variety that characterizes calixarene chemistry will stimulate extra advancements during this attention-grabbing box.

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Alkyl groups. In a certain sense this situation is comparable to that encountered in atropisomers of biphenyls, where each aromatic ring usually represents a symmetry plane. The same symmetry considerations are valid for 1,2-diether derivatives of calix[4]arenes of the type ABAB (24). Their synthesis, however, is a rather difficult approach, since 1,2-di-O-alkylation is not nearly as selective as 1,3-di-Oalkylation [30]. Since two different mono-, 1,3-di- and triether derivatives are possible (neglecting even derivatives with anti-arrangement of the O-alkyl groups), a rather complex reaction mixture exists, even if these compounds are formed only in small amounts.

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