Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL web development by Michael Glass; et al

By Michael Glass; et al

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17 Chapter 1 Testing Your Installation To ensure that both PHP and Apache have been installed together, write another test program. php. php and you should see the screen shown in Figure 1-2. ini; it can be found in the root directory where you extracted your installation files. For the purposes of our discussion, we assume that you extracted the files to c:\ and then renamed the installation directory to c:\php\. ini file includes a brief explanation of each of the configuration settings, which are beyond the scope of this discussion.

MySQL allows you to pick and choose what user is allowed to perform what function based on the “privileges” that you establish. All user privilege information is stored in a database called mysql, which is located, by default, in your c:\mysql\data directory. If you’re the only one accessing the MySQL database, you may not have to worry about adding users. However, what if you have, say, an Aunt Edna who is going to help you out by inputting some backlogged information? You want her to be able to go into the tables and look at things, and even insert some information.

What Makes a Great Program? Truly professional code follows three general guidelines: ❑ Consistency: Blocks of well-written code always look the same and have the same indents and ways of coding, such as syntax shortcuts that use bracket placement and formatting styles consistently throughout the program. The great thing about PHP is that it really doesn’t care about tabs or indents, so you are free to create a style all your own, one that works best for you. 35 Chapter 2 In addition, while there may be more than one syntax for accomplishing the same goal, good coders will be consistent throughout their code with whichever method they choose.

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