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Gif’ /> It’s also sometimes necessary to nest single and double quotes. NET syntax requires the use of double quotes, you should use single quotes to wrap the attribute’s value: ’ /> You’ll see this syntax used a lot more in other chapters in this book. For consistency, this book uses double quotes where possible in all HTML that ends up in the client. Nest Your Tags Correctly When you write nested tags, make sure that you first close the inner tag you opened last, and then close the outer tag.

Similarly, when you changed the Text property of the button in the Properties Grid, VWD automatically updated the markup for the control in Markup View. Instead of using the Properties Grid, you could also have typed the text directly between the quotation marks of the Text property in the code window. NET runtime, and the resulting HTML for the page is sent to the browser. Take a look at the resulting HTML for the page using the browser’s View Source command (rerun the page from VWD by pressing Ctrl+F5 if you already closed it).

Knowing how to use the application and its many tools and windows is an important step in building fun, good-looking, and functional web sites. NET web pages. The abbreviation IDE refers to the way all the separate tools you need to build complex web applications are integrated in a single environment. Instead of writing code in a text editor, compiling code at the command line, writing HTML and CSS in a separate application, and managing your database in yet another, VWD allows you to perform all of these tasks, and more, from the same environment.

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