Basic law for the allied health professions by Michael L. Cowdrey

By Michael L. Cowdrey

This precious publication addresses the felony issues of these operating within the healthiness care box. It attracts on particular circumstances and statutes from di verse well-being fields, together with clinical and dental helping, dentistry , radiological expertise, nursing, chiropractics, and clinical list maintaining. this article is meant for simple legislation classes provided to allied well-being, nursing, or paralegal scholars. No prior publicity to the l aw or felony phrases is thought.

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This may include a medical assistant or an allied health professional other than a physician where such possession is outside the treatment facility. An individual found guilty of this type of statutory criminal activity may be incarcerated for a period not to exceed six months for each alleged violation. A felony is a major criminal activity, The old English common law felonies included murder, rape, mayhem, burglary, robbery, and arson. Felonious activities have been expanded to include narcotic sales, fraud, embezzlement, and many others.

During the course of treatment, Mr. Nguyen suffers chest pains while at home. He goes to Dr. Gold and requests treatment for his chest pains, but Dr. Gold refuses to treat him because Mr. Nguyen has failed to pay his bill for treatment of the broken arm. Would Dr. Gold be liable to Mr. Nguyen for breach of his contractual duty to render treatment? The answer to this question is no. The only duty, contractual or otherwise, owing to Mr. Nguyen by Dr. Gold is for treatment of Mr. Nguyen's broken arm.

The court will then compare this amount to the amount charged by other physicians or similar professionals within the local geographic area for similar professional services. The court will also take into consideration the doctor's expertise when assessing the reasonableness of his or her charges. Formation of the Contract The formal oral contract is established when both parties have formally promised to be bound. Thus, when one party offers to do something in exchange for the other party's agreement to do something, the contract is formed by the acceptance of the offer.

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