Basic Digital Signal Processing by Gordon B. Lockhart and Barry M. G. Cheetham (Auth.)

By Gordon B. Lockhart and Barry M. G. Cheetham (Auth.)

Every one ebook within the "BASIC" sequence has been designed to supply details on useful computing techniques for college students and practicing engineers, scientists and statisticians. The books clarify how computing may be utilized to the answer of genuine engineering and mathematical difficulties and supply operating courses with complete explanatory notes so one can aid readers understand the foundations of the topic and write their very own desktop courses. electronic sign processing is a quickly constructing box which makes use of desktops, microprocessors and different kinds of electronic to investigate or adjust electric indications. the most target of this e-book is to exhibit the fundamental rules and strength of the method after which to demonstrate implementation and layout suggestions utilizing the fundamental programming language. The authors study numerous recommendations for the layout of electronic filters and supply a proof of the discrete Fourier rework, its implementation by means of FFT algorithms and a few of its purposes, comparable to spectral research. uncomplicated uncomplicated courses are supplied within the textual content to demonstrate electronic sign processing equipment via simulating their operation in actual time

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39) as ω approaches their arguments. T h e closer a pole or zero is to the unit circle the m o r e dramatic will be the change it produces although, again, effects due to coincident poles and zeros will cancel. 12 Design of a notch filter by pole and zero placement Digital filters may be designed by strategically locating poles and zeros in the z-plane. For example, consider the design of a second order 'notch' filter required to eliminate an unwanted sinusoidal component of the input signal, at ω = π/3, without severely affecting the rest of the signal.

32) and refer to G(w) and θ(ω) as the gain response and phase response respectively. 33) 48 Digital signal processing Sample value Output Input •φ • '°°ο 0 • ο ο ο IIII · ! ° II Ο • ο °o ο ο ο ο · °οοο° # • III • ο· • ι · ο ο • · I ι I I I ο * · I · I II I I ι· ιιι ι ι° ι . ·· 'η 0 ο · ο ο ! 6. 9 Gain and phase response graphs It is c o m m o n practice to plot graphs of the gain and phase responses G(co) and θ(ω) against ω. G(a>) is often converted to decibels (dBs) by calculating 201og 1 0(G(a>)).

The relative frequency spectrum repeats at intervals of 2π. ]0) (4) For real signals, X{t~ ) is equal to the complex conjugate of ω Χ(4 ). 11). 15) Χ,()Ω)έ άΩ 2JC J_oo ω 2π ) - ΤΧ(ε* ) ωη & άωΙΤ π Therefore: χ [η] = J . 4 Introduction to the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) T h e r e are many applications of signal processing where it is useful to compute the spectrum of an analogue or digital signal by means of a Introduction to the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) 27 computer program or special-purpose h a r d w a r e .

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