An Intro to Continuity, Extrema & Related Topics for general by Adler R.

By Adler R.

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1991; Urbaneck et al. 1992), it is clear from the crystal structure that the first loop itself is important for hormone binding (Fig. 2). Fig. 2. J. Waters et al. 25 - ~ ;t en w >< ~ 'c == "0 a. Analogue GH Receptor Fig. 3. Affinities of rabbit GH receptor mutants relative to wild type We had originally targeted this loop for mutagenesis to determine if residues with this conserved domain contribute energetically important interactions to the hormone-receptor complex (Gobius et al.

As a result of hormone binding, monomeric receptor subunits appear to interact either with another receptor subunit or with a homologous transmembrane signal transducer such as gp 130 (DeVos et al. 1992). It is possible that a type 3 fibronectin domain common to the extracellular domain of these receptors (Patthy 1990) aids this process, or a nearby conserved WSXWS motif (YGXFS in the GH receptor). Hormone mediated receptor dimerization has been demonstrated in elegant studies from Genentech, both in solution phase (Cunningham et al.

J Mol Endocrinol 9:213220 Gossard F, Dihl F, Pelletier G, Dubois PM, Morel G (1987) In situ hybridization to rat brain and pituitary gland of GH cDNA. Neurosci Lett 79:251-256 Hill DJ, Riley SC, Bassett NS, Waters MJ (1992) Localization of GH receptor, identified by immunocytochemistry, in second trimester human fetal tissues and in placenta throughout gestation. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 75: 646-650 Hojvat S, Baker G, Kirsteins L, Lawrence AM (1982a) GH immunoreactivity in the rodent and primate CNS: distribution, characterization and presence post hypophysectomy.

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