Allgemeine Physiologie der Pflanzenzelle / General by H. J. Bogen (auth.), Dr. med. Günther F. Bahr, Dr. Hans J.

By H. J. Bogen (auth.), Dr. med. Günther F. Bahr, Dr. Hans J. Bogen, Dr. Leo Brauner, Professor Dr. Erwin Bünning, Professor Dr. T. Caspersson, Professor Dr. phil. Runar Collander, Dr. H. B. Currier, Professor Dr. Horst Drawert, Professor Dr. Franz Duspiva,

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The potentials set up by oxidation-reduction equilibria are readily measured. One of them in common practice in the laboratory, is used for measuring acidity, by the ionization of quinhydrone, which results in equimolecular concentrations of the reductant hydro quinone and the oxidant quinone. That which is potentiometrically measured is an electromotive force which has a definite relation to the free energy produced in a chemical reaction, in this case brought about by a reversible oxidation-reduction equilibrium.

Apical portions of barley roots were found to be 93 per cent water (KRAMER and WIEBE 1952); growing corn stem tips likewise have 92 to 93 per cent moisture (MILLER 1938). Similarly, active cambium is known to be highly hydrated. g. 1 per cent water (CHATFIELD and ADAMS 1940). In contrast, if cell differentiation has proceeded with the formation of thick walls or if metabolism has resulted in the deposition of large quantities of storage 1 See this volume, p. , Hydration. 2 3 See vol. I, p. 194: KRAMER, P.

Zoologica, New York Zool. Soc. 30, 39 (1945). - COATES, C. , R. T. Cox and L. P. GRANATH: The electric discharge of the electric eel. Zoologica, New York Zool. Soc. 22, 1 (1937). : Versuche zum Nachweis elektrolytischer Vorgange bei der Plasmolyse. Pfliigers Arch. 18i, 224 (1920). - Cox, R. , C. W. COATES and M. V. BROWN: Electrical characteristics of electric tissue. Ann. New York Acad. Sci. 47, 187 (1946). : "Ober eine Methode zur direkten Bestimmung der Oberflachenspannung der Plasmahaut von Pflanzenzellen.

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