Adventure in Rio: Elementary Level by John Milne

By John Milne

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M. Russell and Neil took a taxi to the Hotel Meridien. Miriam was waiting for them. As soon as Russell walked into the hotel, Miriam recognised him. Miriam and the two Englishmen had some breakfast in the hotel dining-room. T h e n they went up to the girl's room. Miriam told them about her adventure on the top of Sugarloaf. 'After I gave the envelope to the waiter, I stood outside the café. T h e n I saw a short, fat man with a panama hat go into the café. He spoke to the waiter. ' 'Perhaps it was the man called Pete,' said Neil.

They were wearing suits with jackets. The men looked hot and uncomfortable. 28 Frank and Pete were wearing jackets because they were carrying guns. The guns were hidden under their jackets. Dr Lurcher did not need a gun. As soon as the Oil King arrived in the m a r i n a , a small, fast boat went out to meet it. Two young men climbed up onto the deck of the Oil King. The men looked tough. One of them had short dark hair and a small moustache. The other man had curly hair. He was clean-shaven and he had tattoos on his arms.

As soon as this man leaves the office,' Miriam went on, 'phone the police. " Here's the map reference for the island. ' Roberto wrote down the map reference. ' W h e n are you a n d your f a t h e r c o m i n g b a c k ? ' Roberto asked. 'Very soon,' replied Miriam. ' Miriam put the phone down and turned to Russell and Neil. ' 56 8 The Rescue Russell and Neil followed Miriam down to the marina. On the way, they bought a large radio-cassette player and some tapes. At the marina, they got into the powerboat and Miriam drove towards Lurcher's island.

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