A Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk by Crown

By Crown

Hardcover version of this linguistic selection of euphemisms and different figures of speech by means of Hugh Rawson

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Body" has served as euphemistic shorthand for "dead body" since at least the thirteenth century, but it took the Vietnam War to elevate the body count into an index of military progress. ". weekly casualty stories reported the number of Americans killed, wounded, or missing, and the number of South Vietnamese killed, but the casualties on the other side were impersonally described as 'the Communist death toll' or the 'body count'" (Columbia Journalism Review, 1-2/79). See also CASUALTY and NEUTRALIZE/ NEUTRALIZATION.

Amour sounds better" (John Dryden, Marriage à la Mode, 1673). A petty or passing affair was at one time an amourette. See also PARAMOUR. Anglo-Saxon. " Anglo-Saxon is the only language in the world whose vocabulary consists entirely of FOUR-LETTER WORDS. ankle, sprain an. To be seduced, pregnant, and unmarried, an old circumlocution for an exceedingly DELICATE condition, recorded by Capt. Francis Grose, aptly named compiler of A Classical Dictionary oj the Vulgar Tongue (1796). Variations, working upward, include stub a toe, break an ankle, break a leg, to be broken-kneed or broken-legged, and, most daringly, to break a leg above the knee.

In the form of strangulation before burning. See also CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and INTERROGATION. aversion therapy. The use of pain and/or fear to persuade a person to change his or her behavior,- also called behavior modification. Typically, aversion therapy involves electric shocks or forced vomiting. The idea is that the "patient" will associate the pain with the undesirable behavior, come to regard that behavior pattern as repugnant, and then change it. The technique is used in many up-to-date CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES and MENTAL HOSPITALS.

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