A comparison of object oriented scripting languages.Python by Kaustub D.

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However, as the while command provides looping functionality, the action is repeated numerous times, as in the foreach command. How to do it… In the following recipe, we will create a Tcl script, to be called from the command line, that increments the value of x and prints out the value as in the for command recipe. tcl x = 1 x = 2 x = 3 x = 4 x = 5 x = 6 x = 7 x = 8 x = 9 x = 10 How it works… The action was invoked a total of 10 times as in the previous example. Continuing a procedure While the continue keyword is not a control construct in itself, it allows you to affect the control flow.

The -indices and -inline options must be used to modify the behavior, as indicated by this statement. But it doesn't stop there; by providing switches, you can control the behavior of regexp. The switches are as follows: Switch -about Behavior -expanded Allows the use of expanded regular expression, wherein whitespaces and comments are ignored. -indices Returns a list of two decimal strings, containing the indices in the string to match for the first and last characters in the range. -line Enables the newline-sensitive matching similar to passing the –linestop and –lineanchor switches.

All Causes the command to match as many times as possible and returns the count of the matches found. -inline Causes regexp to return a list of the data that would otherwise have been placed in match variables. No actual matching is made. Instead regexp returns a list containing information about the regular expression where the first element is a subexpression count and the second is a list of property names describing various attributes about the expression. Match variables may NOT be used if –inline is specified.

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